A brief description of the Event:

KOSMIMA is attended by manufacturers, workshops, designers, importers, representatives & wholesalers of jewellery, clocks and watches & precious stones, as well as companies selling silverware, packaging materials and machinery. It is addressed to professionals who wish to learn about new trends, renew their contacts and develop partnerships with new and established companies of the sector, as the event brings the most dynamic Greek companies of the sector into contact with select trade visitors invited to attend from Greece and abroad.

One of the unique features of KOSMIMA is the participation of companies selling Greek jewels, which stand out for their unique design, high manufacturing quality and Orthodox religious motifs (crosses) and subjects.

KOSMIMA is held under the auspices of POVAKO (Pan-Hellenic Federation of Silver- and Goldsmiths, Jewellers and Watchmakers).

Director of the Exhibition:  Anna Tobazi
Tel. No: 2310 291 162
Fax No: 2310 291 553
Ε-mail address: 
Website: http://kosmima.helexpo.gr/kosmima

Indicative Results of an Exhibitor and Visitor Survey:
Cumulative Data on the Fair:

The Hosted Buyers were also asked to evaluate the Organisation of the 29th KOSMIMA on a scale of 1 to 10. A significant percentage (52.6%) gave a positive evaluation of the Exhibition with 7 or 8, while lower scores were given by negligible percentages. More specifically, the results of the grades provided for the 29th KOSMIMA are presented in the chart below.

Chart. Grading of the 29th KOSMIMA

As regards the degree of achievement of the initial goals set by the Exhibitors for their participation in ‘Kosmima  2014’, the general picture indicates very good and good satisfaction of these goals.

The Exhibitors’ goals were achieved to a great extent, as shown by the results. More specifically, the goal of receiving information seems to have been achieved to a satisfactory extent, as 29.5% of Exhibitors deem the extent of achievement as good, 34.1% as very good and 15.9% as excellent. The goal of promotion of the enterprise fared similarly. Specifically, 45.5% of Exhibitors consider that this goal was achieved to a good extent, 27.3% to a very good extent and 11.4% to an excellent extent. The goal of creating contacts in order to achieve orders from new customers also exhibits a good extent of achievements, as 44.2% of exhibitors deem the extent of achievement as good and 30.2% as very good and excellent. The goal of renewing contacts with old customers, according to the views of Exhibitors, seems to have been adequately satisfied. Specifically, 45.2% of Exhibitors consider that this goal was achieved to a good extent, 28.6% to a very good extent and 16.7% to an excellent extent. Finally, according to the Exhibitors, other goals they set for the Exhibition were the creation of international contacts and the acquisition of good comments from visitors in order to encourage both established and younger creators.

From the evaluation of the achievement of Exhibitors' goals, it appears that the majority of goals were satisfied, in general. This is very important, as it indicates the high degree of Exhibitor satisfaction.

More specifically, the degree of accomplishment of the participation goals set by Exhibitors at the ‘29th KOSMIMA’ is presented in the following chart.

Chart. Degree of Accomplishment of the Participation Goals of Exhibitors at the ‘29th KOSMIMA’

Another particularly positive fact for the Event is the relatively high percentage of Exhibitors who declared their intention to participate in the next KOSMIMA. More specifically, 64.0% of Exhibitors stated that they will participate in the next KOSMIMA and 36.0% stated that they might participate. On the contrary, the percentage of Exhibitors who stated that they will not repeat their participation is zero.

Chart. Do you intend to participate in the next KOSMIMA?

Another positive fact was that 95% of the Exhibitors at ‘Kosmima 2014’  stated that their participation in the Exhibition will result in additional activity for their enterprises in the future.

Chart. Do you believe that your participation in the Exhibition will result in additional activity for your enterprise in the future (after the Exhibition has ended)?

As regards the purpose of their visit to the Exhibition, a large percentage of this year’s Visitors (46.0%) stated that they visited the Exhibition to receive information. The reasons for purchases and new contacts, at percentages of 34.0% and 20.0%, respectively, can be found below. Detailed data on the purpose of visit to the Exhibition are presented in the chart below.

Chart. The purpose of your visit to the Exhibition is:

The commercial agreements and commercial transactions that took place at this year’s KOSMIMA reflected very positively on the Event. More specifically, 59.0% of Visitors concluded some type of commercial agreement/commercial transaction, a percentage that is particularly high for the Exhibition.

Chart. Did you conclude any commercial agreements/commercial transactions during your visit to the Exhibition?

The countries of origin of the Hosted Buyers were Cyprus, Lebanon, Jordan, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria and Russia. Russia and Lebanon account for the greatest percentages of Hosted Buyers, at 30.0% and 25.0%, respectively, while 15.0% of Hosted Buyers came from Cyprus.

Chart. Country of origin of Hosted Buyers

The meetings between Hosted Buyers and Exhibitors at the 29th KOSMIMA were also a great success. A very large percentage of the appointments booked by the Organiser were held and the results of these meetings are deemed to be positive, according to the Hosted Buyers themselves. More specifically, 100% of Hosted Buyers stated that they attended fruitful meetings at the 29th KOSMIMA, as shown in the chart below.

Chart. Fruitfulness of meetings with Exhibitors at the 29th KOSMIMA.